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Aces of Iron Productions Inc. manufacturers of precision Scale Pilot Figures and scale accessories for radio controlled R/C aircraft.  We feature highly detailed pilots in all popular scales from all periods in flight. Radio control, controlled, R/C, RC, aces of iron, pilots, pilot figures, figure, maquette, zeppelin, luftwaffe, resin, quarter scale, bust, model, kit, ARF, RTF, glow gas, electric, flieger, figurine, full body replica, world war I, world war II, WW1, WW2, civilian, biplane, areodrome, RAF, USAAF, japanese, battle of britian, golden age, dawn of flight, plastic jet, cold war, detailed, pickelhaube, pickelhauben, kaiser, german, british, american, tee shirts, mugs, coffee, weimerreiner, fledermaus, perfect pilot, accessories, detail cockpit, servo, patty wagstaff, AMA, IMAA, flight, flyer, richthoffen, goering, rickenbacker, 94th aero squadron, high flight magazine, dawn patrol, basla USA, 1/3 scale, 1/4 scale, 1/5 scale, 1/6 scale, 1/7 scale, 1/8 scale, 1/9 scale, ETA engineering, Spike, P-51, spitfire, mustang, sculpture, sculpt, garage kit, wingspan, eindecker, nieuport, spad, fokker, triplane, red baron, rot kampfflieger, ritmeister, ballon, extra, 3D stik, Axis Allied Dawn Patrol Jasta Richthofen Red Baron Rickenbacker Nieuport Spad Dr-1 Triplane Sopwith P-51 Spitfire Focke Wolfe Messerschimdt Stuka Bomber fighter dive full body and pilot busts. Figures are shipped unpainted and painting tips and procedures are provided on this site.  How to paint faces, painting faces, eyes and  flight gear. RC Pilots  busts figures 35% 40% sculpture resin vinyl  engine cowl detail set. Painting by Joe Hidalgo, Mike Michael Johnson, Site d’escort Marseille